DC Numismatics, Inc. is a company specializing in the buying and selling of U.S. rare coins and World numismatics. Our approach is to find high quality coins that fit the demands of the current and constantly changing rare coin market and its participants. While we traditionally focused on rare date gold and early issues of the U.S. Mint, our focus now encompasses a much wider range as we have evolved in our knowledge and trading capabilities. While United States rare gold will always be a mainstay of our firm, the world of rare coins is a vast, wonderfully exciting and challenging arena that we want to play in. While contacting us might be the first step in locating a 1795 Eagle, it just as well could be the first step in finding that gem 15th century European hammered gold coin you have been seeking. One thing will remain constant in the numismatic selections sourced by DC Numismatics, they will be of high quality and priced in accordance with the domestic and global marketplace.
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